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 Pulsejet combustion simulation viewer 
Some examples from the early beta versions of a Pulsejet combustion analyser.

 Combustion Analysis viewer 
Version 3 of the Albionjets/NUDiS pulsejet combustion simulation viewer.
Download NUDiS_C_dat_Viewer_BooK_03.zip
 The Type07 FWE motor  
A short sample analysis of the Type 07 FWE Motor. 24/03/2006 with the Rev 2(Beta)Energy Release Profile. Instructions: Create a directory C:\NUDiS Download and unpack both the above into the directory C:\NUDiS With the NUDIS directory open on your desktop double click C.dat viewer.xls to open and run it. Macros must be set-up in Excel. Click the INPUT ALL button on the 'start here' sheet. After an initial load up. Answer No to saving the large amount of data. Some more loading then Answer No to recalculating the Mass flow, Density and MaxMin values. When all is loaded. You should now be looking at a sheet called G. You can move the graphs about the page. The slider on the left will advance time. The next sheet is the G temporal sheet.
Download Type07FWE_Rev2_beta__Energy_Profile.zip

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